Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 2

Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 2

This blog is a continuation of a series of articles on former bankruptcy debtors repairing, correcting, and verifying the information contained on their credit report after a bankruptcy case is filed. Debtors who utilize the discipline, patience, and advice in these articles, may, over time, rebuild credit and return to a normal financial life.

The Morrison Law Group will review credit reports and dispute any negative or inaccurate credit reporting. We will sue creditors who fail to comply with a discharge order at no out-of-pocket cost to clients. Theron Morrison and his team of seasoned bankruptcy attorneys can legally compel creditors to cease reporting inaccurate, negative credit information.

Continue to Make Timely Payments On Non-Bankruptcy Accounts

Often, when a chapter 7 case is filed, a debtor will not seek the discharge of certain debts. This may be by choice, such as a motor vehicle loan where payments are current, or it may be by law, such as a student loan. Any active accounts continue to impact a credit score, which necessitates the continuation of timely payments on these accounts. The bankruptcy is no excuse for failing to pay them.  CONTINUE TO PAY THEM ON TIME!

Also, simply because an account does not appear on a credit report is absolutely no valid reason to ignore or neglect it. It may be presently missing from the credit report, but the possibility exists that if a payment is missed, it would eventually be reported. If the goal is to demonstrate financial solvency and dependability, this is a step backward.

The goal of Theron Morrison and his team of attorneys and staff at the Morrison Law Group is to give clients the fresh start they richly deserve. But that’s not all. We help clients after they receive their discharge order, and their bankruptcy case closes. Sleep soundly at night, knowing your family has a better future.

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Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 2