Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 3

Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 3

This blog is a continuation of a series of articles on former bankruptcy debtors repairing, correcting, and verifying the information contained on their credit report after a bankruptcy case is filed.

The goal of the Morrison Law Group is to provide clients with a fresh start through the filing of a bankruptcy case. To do so requires assisting clients not only during a pending bankruptcy case but also assisting them after they receive their discharge order and their bankruptcy case closes. We will review credit reports and dispute any negative or inaccurate credit reporting.

Debtors who utilize the discipline, patience, and advice in these articles, may, over time, rebuild credit and return to a normal financial life.

Avoid Credit Repair Companies

Credit repair companies are a dime a dozen. They solicit consumers by mail, phone, and email. Some have even resorted to making their written correspondence appear as material from a collection agency just to alarm recipients and make them uncomfortable, nervous, and more likely to procure their services.

Many make false promises, such as that they can remove a bankruptcy from a consumer’s credit report. However, if a bankruptcy report is accurate, there is nothing these companies can accomplish in this circumstance. These agencies will accept money to file a dispute, despite a high unlikelihood of success.

The two chapters of consumer bankruptcy affect a credit report differently, but both affect a credit report adversely. The length of time this negative item remains on a credit report differs as follows:

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy lasts seven years from the date of discharge
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy lasts ten years from the date of discharge

Avoid any person or agency who claims they can remove a bankruptcy filing from a credit report. This takes time. After seven to 10 years have passed, the bankruptcy should disappear from a credit report without fail. If it does not, the Morrison Law Group also holds the three credit bureaus accountable when they are responsible for any errors and/or omissions on a former client’s credit report. We will compel them, and any former creditor, to correct inaccuracies. This allows our clients to move forward and focus on building their financial future.

The Morrison Law Group is deeply committed to the client. Our goal is to provide the highest quality client experience. After the completion of a bankruptcy case, the Morrison Law Group will not vanish from a former client’s life.

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Life After Bankruptcy: Cleaning Up Your Credit Reports, Part 3