Student Loan Debt

With over $1.2 trillion in student loan debt outstanding in the United States, we are facing an epidemic. Like most everyone else, you were probably made promises that getting an education would allow you to make a higher income and easily afford the debts you incur for going to school. And like so many, you are realizing those promises were just lies to get you into school and that you don’t have enough to pay the loans and keep food on the table for your family. At Morrison & Murff, and as student loan attorneys, we have consulted with over 20,000 of your friends and neighbors in similar situations and have made a commitment to our clients to get them the best results the law allows.

There are programs available to you to get you a payment you can afford and eventually have the remaining loans forgiven. The problem is that these companies calling you to collect on your loans don’t want you to find out about these programs because they make money on their collection fees when you pay them. We can help you get out of default and consolidate your loans into one simple payment. Even if you are not yet in default, we can still help you avoid default and the damaging effects on your credit. Call us today for your free, no obligation consultation from a student loan attorney, and learn what we can do to help you in this time of need. We have offices in Ogden, Sandy, St. George, and Logan, UT.

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