When Theron D. Morrison first decided to start his own law firm, he did so because he felt the legal world didn’t really understand that law firms are in a service industry and as such, customer service is paramount in serving the public. He noticed that most attorneys felt that they were somehow above the clients they serve. But Theron knew that wasn’t the case. 

Before Theron became an attorney, he worked in several jobs where he learned that providing customers with a high level of customer service is what all of us need. He decided he wanted a law firm that treated people the way he wanted to be treated. He knew that everyone goes through hard times and as a result, we all need to be treated with respect and dignity.

When his father was faced with the choice of losing his home or filing for bankruptcy, Theron saw first hand how merciful the bankruptcy law was as it allowed good people to get out of hard times. Theron knew his dad was not a bad person and knew that has dad needed someone to lean on, not to judge him.

Theron ran Morrison and Murff for several years. However, he and his former partner have parted ways. While he learned much from his former partner and would not trade that experience for anything, he is excited that he is back to running his law firm as he feels is best to serve others. So while the name has changed, Morrison Law Group will still be the kind of law firm where people can come and not feel judged. They will be supported and walked through each step of this difficult process. In addition, you will get the best advice for you and your family, even if that means you don’t need Theron’s services. 

Picture of Theron Morrison

Theron Morrison

Utah’s top bankruptcy and consumer protection attorney.