Which Bankruptcy Attorney is the Best to Use?

Who’s the Best Bankruptcy Attorney?

With so many attorneys out there advertising, it’s hard to know from an ad who is best for you and who has sufficient knowledge to make sure you are protected. The first place to start is with friends and family. Ask someone you know and trust if they have any recommendations. If you do not feel comfortable discussing this with friends and family, check out the reviews of the attorneys you are considering online.

Read through all of the reviews, the good and the bad. If you find an attorney who has nothing but five star reviews, you may want to question this as we all know you cannot please everyone all of the time and it has been shown that someone is more apt to go online and provide a review if they had a bad experience. Read those reviews carefully and determine what the clients issue was. Did the attorney completely mess up their case and they had to start over or had to turn over assets they were not told about ahead of time. That might be an indicator the attorney may not have enough experience to take care of you.

Know what you expect and want before you meet with an attorney. Are you looking for the cheapest and do not care about experience? Do you want someone who will answer your calls and hold your hand through this tough experience? Do you just want someone who is close to you? Determine what you want in an attorney before you start looking. 

Meet with Multiple Attorneys 

If a doctor diagnosed you with cancer and told you that you should start chemotherapy, wouldn’t you want a second opinion before making that huge life decision? The same should be true with respect to your financial health! Filing bankruptcy is a big life decision, and you should meet with several attorneys to get a feel for them.

Does their personality seem like its one you can deal with? Do they seem knowledgeable about the process? Do they discuss all of your options, including options other than bankruptcy? Some of the things you may want to ask are: How available they are to answer questions once the process starts and once your case is finished? What will they do after the bankruptcy is filed to help you rebuild your credit? What happens if a creditor decides not to play by the rules? Have they had a similar case to yours in the past, if so, what issues did they face and how were they resolved? How long have they been doing bankruptcy? How many cases have they filed over the years and especially over the last year as things change? Can they help protect you from creditors until your case gets filed?

Other than bankruptcy, what other types of law do they practice? Bankruptcy is a fairly complicated process with rules and regulations and an attorney that only dabbles may not be right for you.  You want to find an attorney who has the experience you feel will be needed to help you through your case. You need to feel like that attorney will be there for you even after you have paid them the money and their case has been filed.

After you decide on your attorney, be prepared that the service is going to cost. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Avoid the temptation of going with a cheap one-man band type of attorney, or an inexperienced bankruptcy attorney. Many firms that quote low fees over the phone will end up being a bait and switch, and once you read the fine print you will realize the total cost will be much more.  

You are hiring your attorney for their experience. Much of the advice an attorney gives you will be based upon his/her experience so you are paying for that knowledge.

At Morrison Law Group our firm is not the cheapest and we are far from the most expensive. We keep our fees reasonable and just enough to provide the kind of high quality service we feel clients deserve. We’ve consulted with over 20,000 families and filing over 7,000 bankruptcies, we know what it takes to make your case go smoothly.

After years of experience, we know what it takes to give our clients the kind of service we would want to be given. So make sure you meet with more than one attorney and get a feel for the firm that will be right for you. If may take you extra time to meet with several attorneys, but remember that this is your case and it’s about your needs, not theirs. 

Theron Morrison

Theron Morrison

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