How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Bankruptcy And Debt Collection In Utah

How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Bankruptcy In Utah

The coronavirus is affecting every aspect of life in America. Utah’s bankruptcy courts are no exception. Currently, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah remains open during regular business hours. However, the public is not allowed in the building except for certain emergency hearings. Even then, most hearings are held telephonically or through electronic means such as Zoom or Skype.

All bankruptcy cases are started through an electronic process so bankruptcy cases may still be filed as they normally are. However, due to ongoing concerns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the court is conducting by telephone all matters scheduled through May 31, 2020. It is expected that this date will be extended. At this time all meetings with the trustee are being conducted electronically. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is still operating and providing notices of these meetings with instructions. The Morrison Law Group is also providing detailed assistance to clients related to the changes in protocol at this time.

The Morrison Law Group remains open during the stressful times caused by the coronavirus pandemic to maintain our professional commitment to past, present, and future clients. As the state of Utah has deemed legal services an essential service, the Morrison Law Group has taken all necessary precautions to keep our team of employees and clients safe.

The attorneys and staff of the Morrison Law Group We are working remotely during this time since we are presently unable to meet with clients in the office. Presently, clients may leave documents at one of our convenient office locations. Ogden has a mail slot and Sandy and Logan allow you to simply slide them under the door. Please inform us as soon as possible if you, in fact, leave anything at one of our offices.

At this time, in May 2020, many creditors have modified their policies to help consumers deal with financial problems caused by the pandemic. At this time, it is important to remember that this relief is only temporary and only intended to fill in the gaps until consumers return to work or receive their stimulus checks.

Student loan collection actions have been suspended. Other lenders and landlords have provided forbearance options for many homeowners and renters. Nevertheless, no consumer should make any assumptions about any debt for which a monthly payment is required as many creditors are still conducting business as usual. While many banks and financial institutions are open to working with customers, in most cases, consumers have to proactively contact a creditor and request help.

The State Of Utah continues to collect child support payments from obligors. Any parent who is delinquent making child support payments may not receive a stimulus check. If they do receive a check, it may be for a lesser amount. Although many county offices are currently closed to the public, parents may still file for child support as such filings are still being processed through the mail. It is wise to contact your local child support office before making an in-person visit.

For many people, the future outlook may not be too bright. Anyone who was struggling to pay their bills before the pandemic, may not realize any improvement in their financial situation any time soon. It may also be wise to not consider bankruptcy as only the final solution of last resort. Many of our clients tell us they wish they had filed for bankruptcy sooner. Bankruptcy avoids any necessity to borrow money from friends or family members or prematurely withdraw retirement funds to realize some debt relief.

The Morrison Law Group offers free case evaluations so you may learn more about personal bankruptcy and whether it is your best option. The Morrison Law Group is here to answer all your questions completely, patiently, and effectively. Call 801.456.9933 today to schedule a FREE consultation. We have locations in Ogden, Logan, Sandy, and St. George to serve the residents of the counties of Weber, Cache, Salt Lake, Utah, Morgan, Davis, Washington, and surrounding areas.


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